About Our Products

The majority of the Body Products use natural plant oils and butters as bases and as such are vegan friendly.

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Product Uses & Tips

Where products are made using natural plant butters and oils only the viscosity of these products may change seasonally with the temperature. Here are some usage, application and storage tips.

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Our Range

Our range of products is exclusive. All products are handmade and a limited quantity is produced. Place your order by emailing greg@malachi.me or whats app to 0798760705 to ensure you don't miss out. Gift packs, bags and boxes are made to order, please enquire for special requests.

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The Story Behind the Brand

Hi, I’m Greg.

My belief is that the path to happiness is to slow down, get back to nature and appreciate the basic things life has to offer. My goal is to teach people to value and appreciate their bodies, the food that they eat and the products that they use on a daily basis and in this way to keep themselves healthy and happy.

“In essence my site is dedicated to health and the pursuit thereof.”

I do not pretend to be a health professional however I’ve been around the block when it comes to sickness, allergies and the food intolerances running rampant today. The world we live in is toxic at every turn from the pesticides sprayed on our crops to the chemicals used in our products and if we can eliminate even the smallest traces of these from our daily lives it can only benefit us.

For many years I was part of the rat race. But with retrenchment came the opportunity to do something I’m truly passionate about.  I now spend my days in the kitchen making body products or cooking up a nutritious storm.

My grandmother (Pearl) used to call me her special Angel. We were extremely close and she had this infatuation with giving people gifts all the time and for no apparent reason. She is the inspiration for the name of my brand. I never knew why, but have always liked the name Malachi and rather aptly the name originates from the Hebrew pronounced “MAL-uk-kai” meaning “My Angel”