Food For Your Skin

100% Natural & Environmentally Friendly
Healthy Affordable Skin Care.

As with fresh food, most of our products have a short shelf life and should be used sooner rather than later. Please use products within 3 months of purchase. Stock is limited. Batches are made only once a month or to order, so you can be assured of a fresh product every time. The majority of the products contain no water. With exception of the Soaps please keep them away from water when not in use.  To enquire about availability please email before placing an order online or better yet simply place your order directly via email, whats app or call me.

Raw plant oils and butters make up the bases and as such the products are vegan friendly.

Please adhere to storage instructions strictly. Reseal containers when not in use. Where possible store in mild conditions. The viscosity of products (where the bulk of the product constitutes whole butters and oils) may change due to temperature and humidity making them more difficult to apply if they are not stored correctly.

Product bases are natural in make up. Ie they contain whole butters and oils and very little else if anything.

Soaps are chemical free, SLS free, hypoallergenic and gentle. They are suitable for young, old and sensitive skins.

Each product is made with love and care and is of the utmost quality.

Products are handmade. Bases are formulated from natural ingredients and as such slight variations in batches is to be expected.

Plastics are kept to a bare minimum. Glass or paper packaging is used where possible. Please help us recycle by returning your glass containers.