Thanks to everyone for the support. I’m glad that the products have been so well received & are helping many of you.


Danya Amoils

I love these products – the scents are subtle and natural, and the packaging is beautiful. Thanks for putting out an affordable range of natural and eco friendly soaps.

Lindsay Stafford

Hooked on the Vanilla Body Butter! The product truely is fabulous.. My skin is incredibly soft and the scent is absolutely divine! I now love the skin I’m in! Do your skin the favour and give it a try.

Di Erasmus

Thanks for these exquisite products. Planet and animal friendly, so we know that they are karma free. Yay!!!


I have used the shea butter, Farm House Soap and absolutely loved it! It’s very gentle and moisturising. Definitely give this one a try!

Desi Schirlinger

The African black soap is now the only face wash I will ever use. You know how after using any other soap in the entire world, your face feels dry and tight like all the natural oils have been stripped from it using nuclear warfare? Well not with this little miracle bar. I liberally use it every day and one bar ends up lasting four months. It’s the best. The scented cocoa butter bar is also a new favourite for me. And my damn does it smell oh so good. I just dribble a tiny bit of water over it and rub it all over after a shower. It’s magic.

Katherine Elmes

These body products are fantastic. It is clear that every single product is made with care and creativity, and I can’t get enough of the naturally clean and soft feeling they leave on my skin. Each and every product I have tried, including the body butter, scrub, and soap, has made me change my usual skin care regime to only using Malachi products. It’s great to finally find a natural, environmentally friendly, cruelty free, affordable, and locally produced beauty brand on the market, especially one as marvelous as this. Thank you!

Lauren Shmueli

This is such a lovely product with a beautiful philosophy. I love the scents and feel of the cocoa soap bar and the vanilla scented body butter. Everything is lovingly considered from the ingredients of the product itself, that are both all natural, and healing, to the elegant packaging and very reasonable pricing.

Christine Havinga

The Malachi’s products was recommended to me by a friend and I am really satisfied with both the Farm House Soaps and the Body Butter. I do appreciate the fact that the soaps is free from sodium laureth sulfate, which is perfect for my sensitive skin. And on top that off, the products smells amazing. Baie Dankie Greg!


My scrub is absolutely amazing!!!! Beautiful product…. so nourishing and a lovely scent:)


I was given the body butter as a gift. The texture is light and airy but it’s so moisturizing! It’s made a real difference to my skin. Love love love it and would highly recommend it to anyone. Please can I have a larger pot?


Beautiful products Body butter is a must! Lovely packaging , perfect gift.


These products are just for me. Natural and so nourishing. My skin feels so moisturised. The scrub is wonderful …every product in the range is. Highly recommend them and wonderful for gifts too

Viv Brown

What makes your Body Butter and ALL your products so amazing, besides how good they feel when I’ve used them, is the quality of ingredients. There’s a limited availability of products that can boast purity and all the other expectations, add home made… I love what you do!


Love the body butter! So light and airy yet ultra moisturizing. The packaging is always a hit, too. Ideal for gifts. I love the fact that everything comes in glass, which is much better for the environment.

Linda Spinazze

Greg you can be so proud of the body products that you have developed! I just love the body scrub (Rosemary & Lime) which leaves ones skin soft and moisturized! Hope it comes in a larger container. Wishing you much success


I purchased a pot of the Body Butter Vanilla, so lovely I wanted to eat myself. Even my partner commented on how soft my skin was.


Love love love the body butter and Rosemary Lime scrub.


My friend got me a body butter candle as gift. Love the smell and my skin feels great!

Steph D

I’ve been using the body butter, scrub and soaps for last 3 weeks, all 3 products supersede anything you can buy off the shelf in the supermarkets.
Good price and my skin feels amazing!! Strongly recommend to everyone to try them out.


Hi guys, we love the soap that we bought from you. It’s the gentlest soap we have found for our fair skin. Thank you

Este Jones

I love these products! The scents are subtle and natural. I use the coffee scrub on my feet and it leaves them soft. I found the body butter to be silky, soft and absorbent which is great compared to some other products I have used before as I usually find body butter to thick and rich.
The cocoa soap is also gentle and smells so yummy you might feel like taking a bite.


I have tried a multitude of these Malachi products and loved every single one! My absolute favourite is the cocoa butter bar, which I have been using every day for about two weeks now. The results are amazing, my skin looks and feels 100 times better. I suffer from a skin condition called keratosis pilaris, for which I have to use expensive medicated creams. Since I started to use the cocoa butter bar, I haven’t had to use the medicated cream once! I cannot express how happy this makes me, having an affordable, natural solution to my problem. Thank you!