Malachi Home Made Meals

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare practitioner nor do I claim to be one. Many of the recipes here are not fully balanced meals in and of themselves but rather they make up part of the many smaller meals I would eat throughout the day. I have been eating a whole food diet for most of my adult life and have curbed the many allergies that I was once plagued with in this way. What is required from a good diet varies from person to person and one needs to see what works best for them. I believe that a whole food diet is still the best option out there but these are just my personal beliefs.

I am a big believer in keeping my food as simple as possible. I do not prescribe to eating only raw foods. However I do like to incorporate a lot of raw food into my meals. Live food kick starts digestion and steaming food maintains most of the nutrients. Unfortunately steaming food does not give the flavour kick most of us are used to and so I like to incorporate various cooking styles into each dish thereby getting the benefits of both worlds.

I like to eat a diet that is balanced 80 - 20. Meaning  80 % of the time I stick to a really healthy diet of Whole foods (ie fresh fruit, fresh veg and whole grains) while indulging in other tasty treats that make our life more enjoyable the other 20 %.

Bread is never ideal however if one is going to indulge sourdough is one of the better options. There is loads of information on the net that explains the reasons for this so google to your hearts content should this interest you.

Many of the Recipes are VEGAN. If not they are VEGETARIAN and can easily be modified by exchanging the honey for date syrup (Simply cook some dried dates with a little water) OR leaving out the cheese element which I use to salt some of the dishes. Two recipes are centred around eggs as can be seen in their title.

I try not to eat too much dairy. As many can attest dairy is not good for us. Hence when I do use it I use it sparingly and try not to have it on a daily basis.

I try to incorporate herbs into as many meals as I can (Herbs are natures medicines) they contain many micronutrients that the body requires to fight off disease.

Salt on the whole I try keep to a minimum but I like to use pink Himalayan salt when I do have salt as it contains loads of trace minerals unlike other processed salts.

For me fresh lemon juice and fresh chilli add that little extra zing to my meals and so I incorporate these where I can.

Happy cooking guys and gals 🙂